«At 53, she continues to make a splash!» Jennifer Lopez chose a knotted dress for red carpet and caused controversy

«Again appeared with no underwear!»😲This time, instead of a swimsuit and bra, Jennifer chose a knotted outfit and left everyone speechless😵‍💫😱She’s perfect, see in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Jennifer Lopez always loves to surprise her fans with her surreal fashion choices. This time, for the red carpet, 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez chose an interesting dress and instead of a swimsuit and bra, she wore a tied outfit.

When her photos appeared on the Internet, everyone began to discuss Lopez for such a choice. «It’s incredible that she’s over 50», «She’s amazing, as always», «Apparently she doesn’t age» wrote Internet users.

Every time Jennifer proves with her stiletto that she is gorgeous and knows perfectly well how to choose the right outfit to show off her impeccable figure.

«It’s impossible to take your eyes off her», «Great woman», «Brilliant as always», Jennifer’s fans wrote.

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