What happened to the «My Three Sons» triplets and how do the little stars look and live today?

Can you recall the famous triplets?🧐🤔 The little stars are already all grown-up and this is what path they chose! 🤫😲 See how Robbie Douglas’ children appear now in this article! 👇👇👇

Most of our parents should have watched this classic sitcom and remember the children who brilliantly portrayed Robbie Douglas’ children. It dates back to the 1960-1972 and captivated millions of viewers.

The eldest son was played by T. Considine who always contradicted his father’s decisions before leaving the series in the fifth season. What concerns the youngest one, he was played by Stanley Livingston.

Grady played Robbie himself becoming a teen parent of triplets in the series. However, their career as actors was short-lived as they soon pursued serving in the military.

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