«Unveiling the bitter truth!» Not everyone has heard of these surprising facts about Mick Jagger

He left his pregnant girlfriend and hadn’t accepted his daughter for years! 😱😬Let’s take a closer look into the rock legend’s personal life and deepest secrets! 🧐🫢 For details – see the article! 👇👇👇

The relationship between the lead singer of the «Rolling Stones» and his daughter Karis has never ceased to be the center of public attention. His journey into fatherhood together with Marsha Hunt was marked by passion.

The future couple first crossed paths when the woman starred in the musical «Hair» thus captivating Mick’s attention. Soon, he publicly announced an affair with Marianne Faithfull.

After Hunt’s pregnancy and childbirth, Mick distanced himself both physically and emotionally. He even started denying being his biological father. Thus, Hunt was the one who took care of the baby trying to overcome financial obstacles.

Hunt started legal battles and sought child support. The court acknowledged Mick as his father demanding that he should pay child support. Only after five years the rock legend started having contribution to his daughter’s upbringing and welfare.

Soon, he embraced the role of a father showing his commitment and dedication as a parent. Now, his role in Karis’s life is irreplaceable.

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