«Ageing is for beauties too!» This is how age and years have changed one of the most desirable actresses Kathleen Turner

1980s’ men dreamt of her, but look how she appears now! 🧐😲The fans were horrified to see Kathleen Turner with a rounded body and noticeably aged look! 🤐🤯See how the iconic actress appears now in this article! 👇👇👇

Millions remember this legendary actress from «Romancing the Stone» and «The Jewel of the Nile». However sad it may seem, the iconic movie star has undergone noticeable changes and looks totally unrecognizable in the new photos.

Appearing in public after her disappearance from screen has come as a big surprise for everyone. Most of her admirers and supporters even had to double-check whether this was her or not.

«No one is getting younger. Stop this!», «How can one change like this I wonder? The end of the iconic era..», «Her age already makes itself felt», «The beauty she was back then – a dream for all men», «Hope my eyes hadn’t seen this!».

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