«Witches don’t age!» People double-check Anne Hathaway’s age every time they see her without makeup

Hathaway showed herself without cosmetics on and now everyone is in love with her! 😮💘The actress stormed the network with her «honest» photo! 🧐🤯See how perfect she looks at her 41 in this article! 👇👇👇

There is no denying that A. Hathaway is among the most desirable, successful and talented actresses whose contribution to the industry can barely be overestimated. To say that she looks fantastic for her age is nothing to say.

The outstanding film star is not ashamed of showing herself without makeup fully accepting her natural beauty and «unspoilt» charm. One of her latest «honest» snapshots became the one where she appeared totally makeup-free.

The network users rushed to shower the iconic actress with lots of compliments calling her «a witch who doesn’t age», «a forever icon» and even «the reincarnation of Shakespeare’s wife».

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