«Why she did it to her face?» recent photos of Natalie Portman became a cause of discussions

«Turned into an unattractive mannequin!»😬Natalie’s pronounced cheekbones and deformed lips raised suspicions that she had plastic surgery🤢💔She look disappointing, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Natalie Portman is one of the most beautiful personalities in the star world. Her beauty conquers millions of hearts, but despite this, her recent photos surprised her fans․ Seeing her, everyone was sure that the actress had undergone plastic surgery. Her thinner face and narrow eyelids have become a cause of concern among fans.

If before Portman’s appearance on the talk show everyone doubted that she had undergone plastic procedures, then after that everyone was already sure of it. She talked about participating in the documentary «City of Angels», which is dedicated to the football club.

Portman’s photos surprised fans because she had completely changed and it was obvious that her face had undergone changes. The Medialeaks portal even reports this.

Fans were disappointed and expressed their grievances in the comments section. They claim that Portman’s natural beauty was beautiful and now she has ruined her appearance. Some say that her appearance is due to weight loss, not procedures.

Internet users are still arguing about this. What do you say? Do you think she had plastic surgery or not?

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