«Folds of fat, thick-framed glasses and grayed hair!» This is what former desirable actress Fonda looks like today

Once the 90s’ icon got fat and aged beyond recognition! 😲🫣 After years of being out of the spotlight, the film star made a rare appearance! 🫢🧐 See how 59-year-old Bridget Fonda appears now in this article! 👇👇👇

After over 10 years of being out of the spotlight and away from the screen, the legendary 1990s’ 59-year-old actress has changed beyond recognition whose current appearance has become the subject of heated discussions.

To say that the dazzling beauty looks completely different is nothing to say. She is best-remembered for her roles in «Jackie Brown», «The Godfather III», etc.

It was in the early 2000s that she left Hollywood after getting married to composer Danny Elfman. Many think that the terrible accident that happened to her that year led to depression and anxiety. Though unrecognizable, she seems to be satisfied with her life.

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