«Dad’s genes did their best!» This is what a handsome man Jackson’s youngest son Blanket has become

Are we dealing with the reincarnation of Jackson? 🤔🤯 The uncanny resemblance between the music legend and his youngest heir is something beyond! 🫢😲 See what Blanket looks like in this article! 👇

It was in 2002 that the music legend and his wife welcomed their youngest heir whose extraordinary appearance and incredible resemblance to the late King of Pop is something people never stop discussing. Blanket is already a grown-up boy.

For those who don’t know, Jackson is a father of three kids. Paris and Prince were born during his union with Rowe as well. Blanket was born with the help of surrogacy and shares striking likability with his prominent parent.

Unfortunately, the children were still very young when they lost their father. Blanket was only 7, yet, to say that they shared a tight and inseparable bond is nothing to say. It was Michael who was the one who cared about them most.

Can you recall the moment when Jackson tried to accidentally drop his child from the balcony? Well, it was Blanket.

His resemblance to Jackson has become bigger and deeper with time. His unique features and charisma remind the loyal fans of their idol who is no more.

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