«Where are the granny’s wonderful genes?» This is what Hepburn’s granddaughter looks like

The network was hit by the exclusive footage of Hepburn’s granddaughter! 😱😬 Emma is sick and tired of constantly being compared to her! 😤🤐 See what the legendary actress’s granddaughter looks like in this article! 👇👇👇

Only few know Emma Ferrer as an American artist and model until they learn that this young lady is the legendary cinema star’s granddaughter. Emma is the daughter of Hepburn’s only son Sean Hepburn Ferrer.

Once people have a look at this girl with non-standard appearance, they can hardly believe that she is actually the biological granddaughter of Hepburn, the epitome of beauty and femininity. She appears completely bald-headed and looking masculine.

«Granny’s genes took a long break!», «She can’t even stand next to her grandmother!», «Audrey would hardly be proud of her», «Where have the grandmother’s genes disappeared?».

«The least expected thing! Little did I know that she looks like this..», «Someone, please, help her find a stylist», «In need of new eyes which hadn’t seen this».

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