«Romeo and Juliet 55 years later!» This is how age and years have changed the stars of the legendary film

Can you recall the 1968 «Romeo and Juliet»?🤔🧐 See what Hussey and Whiting, who excellently portrayed the legendary Shakespearian characters, look like in their 70s in this article! 👇👇👇

However unbelievable it might seem, it has already been 55 years since the release of the hit film. To say that the iconic actors have undergone significant changes is nothing to say. The film star who portrayed Juliet is already 72.

When the new footage of Olivia Hussey hit the network, the appearance of the talented and accomplished actress quickly became the subject of heated discussions. People believe that she has changed for the better just like fine wine.

What concerns the other star, Leonard Whiting, he brilliantly portrayed Romeo which brought his career as an actress into a whole new level. He is now 73 but doesn’t look his age at all.

«Time has no power upon them!», «This is what ageing beautifully actually means!», «The main heroes of my childhood», «How fast time flies! Incredible!».

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