«Ages like fine wine, better with time!» Michelle Pfeiffer’s fresh makeup-free selfies surface the network

The fans had to double-check her age after her new «honest» selfies! 😲😍 Michelle Pfeiffer shows that even at 65 a woman can be a dream for millions of men! 🫠👏See her makeup-free face in this article! 👇👇👇

It goes without saying that we all undergo some changes, especially when we age, so do the celebrities who might seem perfect and flawless in the eyes of their fans and admirers. Yet, there is a type of people who become even better with time.

Today’s star is Michelle Pfeiffer, successful and accomplished American actress, who has lately hit the network with her «honest» pictures with no hint of makeup and retouching. To say that the followers were delighted is nothing to say.

«Femininity that comes with age», «Looking like this when you are 65? No way!», «How can she be in her 60s? Someone, please, explain to me!», «This is what ageing gracefully looks like!», «She makes it impossible to take our eyes off her».

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