«Toothless, miserable and in a mental house!» This is what happened to the 1970s’ actress and icon of style Shelley Duvall

Photojournalists caught Shelley Duvall in a mental house looking unrecognizable! 😱😧If you have watched «The Shining», you will be speechless to see the main actress now! 🧐🤐 See how time has changed the icon in this article! 👇👇👇

There is hardly anyone who would not recognize this uniquely beautiful actress and icon of style who earned worldwide notoriety and overall recognition back in the 1970s. Many remember her for her legendary role in «The Shining».

One may say that she couldn’t boast having classic beauty, yet her brightness, impressive facial features and incomparable charisma soon made her irreplaceable in the industry. She even was the muse of world-renowned director R. Altman.

Photojournalists have found the towering actress in a mental house. She is more than sure that her colleague Robin Williams who passed away in 2014 is still alive. To say that everyone was speechless to see the iconic film star now is nothing to say.

She now appears gray-haired, almost toothless and looking hopeless.

«What happened to my most favorite movie star?», «Someone, please, explain what happened to this woman!», «Am I the only one who actually needed a while to recognize her?», «I feel bad for her..».

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