«Homeless or a famous actor?» This woman helped an unkempt man but then found out that he was a star

«You can’t imagine who this «beggar» is!»😱This kind woman helped the poor man and only the next day found out who really he was😲🫢 Which actor he was, you can see in the article👇👇👇

One day, Frenchwoman Karin Gombaud went for a walk in New York. Suddenly she noticed a homeless man on the street next to the trash cans. The woman thought that he was going to look for food in them.

At that moment, Karin immediately went into the diner, bought a pizza and gave it to the man. But the next day she found out that the man she met was the famous actor, Richard Gere. Karin said that she met many homeless people on the street, but this man touched her more than others.

The woman did not know English, so she did not understand the man when he wanted to explain who he was. The Frenchwoman simply gave him food, wished him a good day and left.
When actors work on the streets for a movie, paparazzi always follow them to take pictures and share them with Internet users. They took photographs that ended up in the newspapers and Karin learned from the newspapers that the Hollywood actor had just been filming that day.

Of course, it is clear that if a woman did not recognize Richard Gere, then makeup artists and stylists did a very good job on Gere’s image. The story is certainly funny, and Gere himself said that the woman’s kindness influenced him.

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