«Right in front of everyone? No way!» The scandalous appearance of Ratajkowski at a Vogue event didn’t go unnoticed

Ratajkowski again crossed all the borders and showed up in a revealing dress with spicy cutouts! 🔥🤭The model left no room for imagination and drove all men crazy with her provocative look which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The way E. Ratajkowski has recently appeared at a Vogue event in London is still making headlines all over the network. She was dressed in a provocative black dress with spicy cutouts and cleavage leaving no room for imagination.

This soon became the subject of heated discussions among netizens who didn’t miss the chance to leave comments.

«What a shame!», «Right in front of everyone? No way?», «Vulgar and unacceptable», «Who is her stylist? It’s time to find another one!», «I can’t help staring at this hottie!».

The model again proved that she will stay true to her style not even considering other people’s opinions. The negativity and harsh criticism seem to never bother her, do you think so?

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