«Unveiling Neil Diamond’s diagnosis!» The singer gets candid about living with Parkinson’s disease

Diamond first breaks the silence and opens about his disease during a new interview! 😮🤫 The legendary singer shares his honest thoughts about his diagnosis and breaks the fans’ hearts! 😢💔 For more details and photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

Recently, the iconic signer of «Sweet Caroline» has got candid about the ailment he has been diagnosed with since 2018. Sadly, he has Parkinson’s disease about which he told during his recent interview.

For a relatively long time, he was firmly denying his diagnosis. However, he had no choice but to cancel his New Zealand and Australian tours in 2018 because of the difficulties and challenges he faced due to the terrible ailment.

It took him a lot of time and courage to accept both his diagnosis and his retirement. He took it hard that the disease would put an end to his drizzling career which he was building for many years.

Despite the disease, he still delights millions of his fans with his beautiful voice and incredible talent. He has found resilience as well as peace and harmony with himself and others.

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