«Time spares no one!» Exclusive footage of legendary singer Neil Sedaka with his wife that only few have seen

Have you heard the hit «Breaking Up is Hard to Do»?💥 The author of this great song Neil Sedaka turned 84! 😮😳This is how age and years have changed the singer whose recent photos can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

The iconic author and performer of the hit song «Breaking Up is Hard to Do» has already been married for 61 years. This is, of course, hard to believe since it seems as if it was just yesterday that he was young and captivated millions with his songs.

Sedaka is the happiest when thinking of his adorable grandchildren. He still looks at his beloved wife with eyes full of love and passion. Initially, he was criticized for his high-pitched voice, then had an honor to even work with H. Greenfield.

It was because of their financial instability that his wife Leba became his manager. Despite all the challenges and obstacles, Sedaka’s significant contribution to the industry can hardly be overestimated.

Even after so many years, the legendary singer’s love towards his wife hasn’t faded away and continues to only grow bigger.

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