«Finally, who is his father?» Prince Harry is still clarifying whether Charles III is his father or not

«A real scandal that is still being discussed!»😱Prince Harry decided to address yet terrifying topic in his memoirs: whose child he is😲🫢The scandalous answer you can find in the article👇👇👇

The fact that Harry is connected with the personality of the pincer still even worries him. It turns out he decided to discuss a terrible topic again: whose child is he, considering everything.

We would like to remind you that several stories have been discussed for many years that his father was someone else. He explains that everyone forgot that his mother and the mayor developed a relationship only after his birth.

Many fans of the royal family still doubt that Charles  is Prince Harry’s real father. This is due to the numerous extramarital affairs of the Princess of Wales. Because of Diana’s affair with British army officer James Hewitt, many decided that Prince Harry’s red hair proved that he was Hewitt’s son and not the Prince of Wales.

Besides, he spent his entire life fighting these rumors. He did the right thing in finally deciding to give a final solution to this issue. Without this, it is unlikely that his quality of life will improve.

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