«Who are children like?» Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s daughters are finally captured by paparazzi

«Not a drop from the famous father!»🙄Ryan and Eva’s children have already grown up and they were photographed while walking with their father🧐🥰Find out what they look like now here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Eva and Ryan are one of the most beautiful and loving couples in Hollywood. It is known that they started dating around 2011. After marriage, three years later, the eldest daughter was born in the family, and in 2016 the youngest daughter was born.

After having children, parents don’t always accept new jobs because they want to stay home to raise their children. They decided to move from Los Angeles to the village of Carpentaria, near St. Nick Barbara.

The family does not even try to hide from the paparazzi, who, despite this, always do everything possible to capture them and distribute new, fresh photographs. So recently, the paparazzi spotted Gosling on a walk with his daughters. This time the children’s faces are clearly visible and we can understand who the children look like.

Internet users were happy to see the children and began to discuss their resemblance to their parents. Many users claimed that the children did not look at all like their father. But the mother’s genetics apparently won and the girls’ resemblance to their mother is striking. But it’s certainly wonderful to look at a happy father with his girls.

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