«Angelina, it doesn’t suit you!» Angelina Jolie’s latest appearance definitely disappointed her fans

«And do you think this robe is beautiful?»😬It’s hard to realize that perfect Jolie turned from beauty into such an unkempt and tasteless grandmother😒💔See for yourself in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful and elegant star, but when photographs of Angelina taken by paparazzi at the New York airport appeared on the Internet, fans were disappointed. Jolie, who has always won hearts with her appearance and style, this time confused Internet users. Of course, the confusion of the fans was appropriate.

She confidently walked with her daughter Zahara through the airport. Jolie wore a white dress with lace and frills. Fans began discussing her outfit on the Internet and compared it to a robe. This time Jolie and her daughter were in New York to relax and have fun.

Angelina is happy that she can spend her free time with her eldest adopted daughter. This is because Zahara does not communicate with Jolie every day because she moved to Los Angeles to study at Spelman School.

Fans of Angelina are sure that she loves Zahara more than all her children and misses her. So, when a girl gets the opportunity to relax and has a vacation, Jolie immediately goes with her to a place where they will be alone and spend a wonderful time together.

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