«The Hollywood leading lady is not the same!» Roberts enjoys her vacation soaking up the sun in a pink swimsuit

Be ready to be disappointed when you see the Pretty Woman in these photos! 😳😬 The Hollywood actress’s age-related changes came as a big surprise for the fans which you too can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The name of this woman has long been among the most desirable and legendary actresses in Hollywood. However, we all clearly understand that everything is temporary, so are her incredible beauty and worldwide popularity.

Changes in her personal life and appearance fail to cease to be the center of paparazzi’s and journalists’ attention. Recently, camera lenses have caught the right moment and captured the Hollywood actress in a pink bodysuit on a vacation.

The candid photos immediately caused mixed reactions. Some were quick to admire her timeless spirit and femininity, while the others started heavily criticizing her rounded forms and considerably changed appearance.

Her age-related changes made a splash on the web. No matter what, her charming «signature» smile, charisma and Hollywood status will forever be completely unchanged.

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