«The best look from Charles III’s coronation» Katy Perry stunned the whole world with her gold dress

«Enormous gown with deep neckline!»🔥Katy Perry stars in a huge gold dress as she takes the stage at the coronation concert😲💘We assure you will be amazed seeing photos here⬇️⬇️⬇️

It is no secret that when Charles III was coronated, many British musicians refused to perform. But one of the celebrities, Katy Perry, decided to respect the new ruler of the country and showed an excellent performance.

Katy captivated everyone present with her gorgeous gold dress from Vivienne Westwood, which was a tribute to British fashion houses. All the spectators were delighted to see the unique star in such a chic look.

Katy completed the look perfectly with gold puffed sleeves and voluminous embellishments. Perry performed a collection of her best songs on stage and many commented: «She wasn’t that gorgeous», «Oh, how beautiful Katy is», «She performed her songs perfectly»․

Katy’s lover Orlando Bloom was also not at all indifferent and was present there with Katy. Of course, she surprised everyone with her incredible behavior and the fact that she was respectful and present.

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