«She was ridiculed for poor editing» Naomi Campbell was criticized for worst photo editing in history

«Plastic face, not a drop of naturalism!»😬Naomi thought that in this way she would delight her fans, but it turned out to be the opposite💔🥴Just look at the article how unnatural she is⬇️⬇️⬇️

Many stars publish their photos, although we know well that they often use Photoshop, filters and editing. Many have good editing skills, and some are routinely criticized for their work.

Recently, Internet users criticized the famous model Naomi Campbell. The famous personality decided to surprise her fans this time by posting photos from the party on her blog. After this, fans doubted that she used Photoshop and decided to compare the close-up photo with the original.

Of course, the photoshopped photo was completely different from the original one. In her published photo, she looked perfect and completely wrinkle-free. Internet users immediately wrote under the photo «the worst photoshop in history»․

Let’s add that she wants to maintain her figure in every possible way and makes a lot of efforts to do this. She is against any diets but regularly does exercises to keep fit. This improves her appearance and maintains a beautiful figure.
So, what do you think of her new photo?

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