«Mel Gibson turned 66!» How time has changed legendary actor Gibson resulted in mixed reactions

The fans mistook Mel Gibson for a beggar! 😬😱 Half-bald and with a bushy beard, already 66-year-old protagonist of «Braveheart» looks unrecognizable in recent photos which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

Believe it or not, this Hollywood actor has already celebrated his 66th birthday. His entirely new image and aged appearance caught people’s attention worldwide. From his former handsomeness and attractiveness, nothing has remained.

The entirely new image of the protagonist from «Braveheart» resulted in mixed reactions on social media. However, besides all those age-related changes, his perfectly maintained physique didn’t go unnoticed.

«Is this Santa Claus?», «Now all grandpas dream of looking like him!», «My most favorite heartthrob has remained the same no matter age and years», «What a beggar with a bushy beard and grayed hair!».

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