«Good genes from mother!» This is what Uma Thurman’s grown-up son looks like on the red carpet

«Her son’s rare appearance caused a stir!»😱This time Uma appeared on the red carpet not alone but with her adult son💘🤩You can see what he looks like now in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

When the ceremony of the 76th Film Festival took place and many different celebrities were present there. This time Uma Thurman appeared on the red carpet with her adult son. She confidently posed with him in front of photographers, surprising everyone present. The son has already become an adult and already a Hollywood movie star proudly appeared in front of journalists at a film festival.

So, this year Uma Thurman appeared at the event not alone, but with her was her already grown-up handsome son. He is already 21-years-old and has become an exact copy of his mother. He immediately attracted everyone’s attention with his attractive appearance and positive attitude.

In addition, people were surprised to see Uma Thurman’s chosen dress. For her performance, she wore a dusty pink Dior dress with a red cape and necklace. Fans were delighted when they were seen together on the red carpet.

«He has grown up quickly», «He looks great», «How confident!», «He is clearly a copy of his mother», wrote Internet users.
What do you think about Uma Thurman’s son?

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