«What a Greek goddess!» Salma Hayek’s iconic look at star-studded gala captivated everyone

She shows that even at 57 to be a dream woman is possible! 😍💘Salma Hayek made men’s hearts beat faster in her shimmery green slinky dress the photos of which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

This Mexican diva whose incredible talent and charisma made her among the most desirable and accomplished actresses. Her timeless charm and unique allure never change over time. It is hard to believe that she is approaching her 60.

Most of her fashion choices become the center of even the strictest critics’ admiration. This time, she appeared in a tight-fitting latex green dress which perfectly emphasized her gorgeous abs giving her even more femininity.

Her vibrant makeup and stylish hairstyle gave her even more charm making her image unforgettable. The fans of this Mexican beauty rushed to shower her with compliments.

«A forever icon of beauty!», «No wonder millions of men go crazy about her», «What a Greek goddess», «She has no equals in the industry», «Someone, please, help me take my eyes off this incredible beauty!».

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