«No wonder the billionaire goes crazy about her!» Bezos and Sanchez brought their relationship to a whole new level

It was in 2019 that Bezos left his wife of 25 years for her! 😮🔥 Exclusive photos from Bezos’s and Sanchez’s engagement party hit the network which you can see in this article! 🧐👇

It is worth mentioning that one of the most world-renowned and successful businessmen J. Bezos and her partner left their families for each other. Surprisingly, the founder of Amazon left his wife of 25 years just to be with her.

Recently, the famous couple organized their engagement party. It was prestigious and only high-class stars were invited. They threw a «close» party and surprised the entire world with its luxury.

However surprising it may seem, Sanchez gave her preference to a mini white dress with a deep neckline and looked gorgeous. She complemented her revealing look with luxurious jewelry. Her risky look caught millions of people’s attention.

Meanwhile, netizens had mixed opinions. They found that such a provocative dress was definitely not for the engagement. It is amazing that a woman her age can look so amazing and stunning.

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