«No one was ready for this!» The Queen of Pop ruined her «perfect image» by showing her wrinkled face in close-up

Madonna drove men crazy with her alluring figure but then showed her face in-close and spoilt everything! 😬👎 The scandalous photos sparked reaction which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

It has already been four decades that legendary Madonna delights millions of her fans with her incredible talent, professional skills and charisma. Despite her age, she often leaves her followers speechless with her spicy snapshots.

The Queen of Pop is among the boldest stars who has remained true to her daring style for which she nowadays receives heavy criticism and judgement from millions of network users. Lately, she showcased her face in close-up.

Though she wore heavy makeup, countless wrinkles and other age-related changes were clearly seen. She gave her preference to a tight corset which emphasized her appetizing abs.

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