«Why did she lie fans?» 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez has caused controversy after her recent appearance

«You’re already disappointing us!»😬Apparently, it’s enough to admire Jennifer’s young appearance, because it turns out that everything is a deception😲💔See for yourself in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Jennifer Lopez has been covering the whole world with her unique beauty for years. She always stood out for her impeccable figure and love for sports. She is always active in films, songs, photo shoots and concerts. But despite all this, Jennifer recently disappointed fans. Fans saw her and thought that she was definitely using Photoshop or filters.

Jennifer shared her appearance, showing off her preparations for the Met Gala in 2023. At the beginning of the video, Jennifer was without makeup and had a terry bandage on her head.

Internet users have always been accustomed to seeing her with heavy makeup and it was surprising for them to see Jennifer in this form. Online users quickly began to criticize her. Many claimed that she finally looked her age. And some users were sure that she used filters because she was afraid of aging.

«It turns out she was lying to us all the time!», wrote one Internet user. But, of course, it’s no secret that Jennifer leads a healthy lifestyle and seems much younger than many other stars. Sometimes it seems that people criticize her out of envy.

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