«Behind the screen» Burt Reynolds’s biggest love honestly speaks about being manipulated and losing herself in a relationship

Sally Field first breaks the silence and opens about how it was being Reynolds’s biggest love! 😱🤫 She shares astonishing details about the ups and downs of their relationship which you can learn from this article! 👇👇👇

It is known to everyone that Burt Reynolds left us in 2018. This was an irreversible loss for millions of people who could hardly withdraw the stress of losing their favorite star.

The prominent actor became known not only for his incredible talent and career heights, but also for his charisma and unique charm which let no one remain indifferent. The one who struggled most about his passing was his girlfriend.

It was Sally Field with whom the cinema giant had both good and bad times. For  a relatively long time she was silent about their relationship and refused to leave any comments concerning the film star.

Shortly before his passing, the legendary actor spoke about his love of life mentioning Sally’s name. Due to him, Sally was involved in the movie «Smokey and the Bandit» despite the fact the directors didn’t find her attractive enough.

A special bond soon sparked between this couple. Later, they worked together in additional movies such as «The End» and «Hooper». Their incredible love story became the subject of discussions.

Sally admitted that she lost herself during their relationship admitting that he manipulated her and it was silly of her to trust him. Though the man proposed to her several times, she had serious doubts about the sincerity of his love.

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