«Even her wealth did not last forever» This is what Angelina Jolie does to at least have money for food

«She urgently needs income!»😲Angelina Jolie spent all her money on court cases and has now found a new way to make earnings😢💔Find out what she does by reading the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Angelina Jolie is one of those celebrities who occupies a position among the richest stars of the Hollywood elite. But it turns out that the richest people can also suffer, just like Jolie, who suffered from a legal battle with her ex-husband. The divorce process has been going on for more than six years.

After such huge problems, Jolie began to have financial difficulties. Now she is looking for an alternative to the film industry to have her own income. This was reported by The Daily Mail. The star decided to request a new trademark through the registration office.

She has created her own brand and intends to offer jewelry, clothing and even blankets and sheets. We would like to remind you that she previously tried to launch her own jewelry brand, but did not feel satisfied with this idea.

After the problems she faced, she wants to try to start over. This explains why she decided to sell the house in Los Feliz where she lived with her husband and children before the divorce.

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