«Mini dress without bra»։ Selena Gomez chose a dress on her birthday party, which left all her fans speechless

An appetizing brunette with perfect forms in a mini dress!🤤🥰Selena showed up for her birthday in a tiny dress without bra, boasting her curvaceous figure🫠🔥

Selena Gomez celebrated her 31st birthday and threw a super party with her famous friends․ Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and others were present there. However, Jeremy Allen White, who is her alleged partner, did not come to the event.

Selena chose a beautiful red mini dress and looked amazing․ She added diamond earrings and rings to her look. The party was a lot of fun especially when she blew out the candles on her cake.

Selena asked her fans to donate to the Rare Impact Fund instead of giving her gifts. This foundation supports young people who have mental health problems. Selena wants to raise $100 million to help.

Selena once opened up about her struggles with mental health during her 2016 Revival tour. She is now keen to offer her help and support to others who are facing such challenges.

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