«Time to pray for him!»: The worsened condition of seriously ill Willis saddened the fans of the actor

Emma Heming shared the latest news about Bruce Willis! 😧 The legendary action movie star has already forgotten many of his relatives and can hardly speak! 😢🙏

These days, the wife of this action movie star has shared the latest news about her husband’s condition. Emma has regretfully admitted that he has already forgotten many of his relatives and barely speaks.

The young woman added that being seriously ill is hard and sometimes even unbearable for the patient, but it is difficult for their relatives as well. The fans were saddened about the news and immediately started to pray for the actor.

The whole family tries to make him focus on something good instead of concentrating on his terrible illness. To say that his loyal fans and supporters were speechless to be informed of the bad news is actually nothing to say.

«What a pity! A poor actor!», «We all pray for you», «We are always here to support you», «Emma, we wish you patience!».

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