«Rare footage of Delon’s illegitimate heir!»: This is what Alain Delon’s illegitimate son looked like

His breathless body was found in their Parisian apartment after several days of being neglected! 😱The last photos of the actor’s unwanted son surface the network! 🧐😮

To the fans’ great surprise, the breathless body of the illegitimate son of this actor has recently been found in their apartment in Paris. It had stayed there for several days and no one even cared to check up on him.

The mother of the actor’s illegitimate son named Christian is a popular German singer. They spent only one night together and the woman claimed that Delon was his father. It is needless to say that they look incredibly like each other.

Despite their striking resemblance, the man refused to accept him without even taking a DNA test explaining that his hair and eyes look nothing like those of him.

The illegitimate son was raised mainly by Delon’s mother, that is his grandmother,  who didn’t have any doubts whether he was actually his heir or not.

During the last years of his life he could barely walk and had a caretaker. Eventually, he was found dead in his Parisian apartment.

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