«No wonder men still dream of her!»: What Claudia Schiffer looks like at 53 let no one stay indifferent

The fans even had to double-check Schiffer’s age after these photos! 🫣😲The supermodel forgot about ageing and showed her body in a tiny bikini! 🤭😯

It seems as if age is just a number for this enormously successful and world-renowned supermodel and actress. She looks so amazing that it is hard to believe that this beauty is already 53. Her appearance seems totally unchanged.

«She looks flawless. How is it even possible?», «Time is powerless. Her beauty is timeless!», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «I even double-checked her age after these photos!», «I now understand why so many men are in love with her!».

«Envy silently. She looks gorgeous!», «Even some 20-year-olds dream of a body like this!».

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