«Looks like a caretaker, not his girlfriend!»: The scandalous photos of this couple surface the network

Camera lenses captured Al Pacino with his youthful lover! 🧐😮 Here is the girl who stole the heart of the legendary actor! 🫢💘

There are rumors that Al Pacino has lately broken up with his young girlfriend who gifted the world-renowned actor with his fourth child. She even sued his ex-partner and refused to let her son Roman communicate with him.

The photographers haven’t missed the chance to catch them in Hollywood. The unique couple was seen together next to a restaurant and the new photos immediately went viral.

«She looks more like his caretaker, rather than his girlfriend!», «I didn’t think that he is such a womanizer!», «I have serious doubts in the sincerity of her feelings!», «What did she find in this senior grandpa?».

«Such men keep disappointing me! Stop seducing young girls!», «You’re not a single grandpa, you’re simply broke».

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