«A new romance!»: Cassel didn’t waste time and found a new stunning-looking girlfriend after the divorce

Camera lenses captured Vincent Cassel and his new lover passionately kissing each other! 😲🤭After these photos, people now understand why the actor chose her! 😍👏

It has already become known that this renowned and successful French actor has found new love shortly after his divorce from the young model with whom he has a little child. Camera lenses have recently captured the couple on the beach.

«What a beautiful couple!», «Envy silently! He finally found his true love», «No question, he has a good taste in women!», «I am more than sure that he will soon leave her too!».

«He chose not to waste time and found a new one, while Tine is still being hurt», «How quickly he changes his girlfriends!», «I am not a fan of this actor, but he surely has a good taste in women».

Share your honest thoughts with us! Do you like this couple?

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