«Thanks God she looks nothing like her mother!»: This is what the heiress of de Palma looks like

Rossy de Palma is among today’s most beautiful actresses, can you believe? 🥴😱 She showed her grown-up daughter and left everyone speechless! 🤐😲

However astonishing it seems, this woman is among the prettiest and most charming actresses of today. Can you even believe? While you are trying to realize this, we will show you the new photos of her grown-up heiress. Here she is!

«How is it even possible that she looks nothing like her mother?», «Thanks God her mother’s genes failed to do their job!», «I can hardly believe that she is actually her biological daughter!».

«Though not really attractive, Rossy is among the most talented and charismatic actresses», «Not for the fainthearted!», «Envy silently! They both are beautiful!», «Dad’s genes did their job!».

Share your opinion about the unique actress and her daughter!

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