«Social media vs. Reality»: What the pop star looks like without retouching came as a surprise

Are you ready to see Madonna’s face in close-up without filters? 🧐😱 Her friend shared a photo where we can see what the star actually looks like! 🤔😲

When people look at this singer, it becomes hard to believe that this legendary performer is already 65. Despite her age, she still stays true to her outrageous style and often gives her preference to risky and daring outfits.

Her photos are well edited before being shared on social media, that is why her natural appearance without filters and retouching came as a big surprise for the fans.

In the new photos shared by her friend she appears completely without filters and retouching. The network users couldn’t describe their astonishment and pleasant surprise since they were already sick and tired of Photoshop.

«We love you even without filters and retouching!», «There is no question that she is incredibly beautiful!», «I want my words back that she needs a psychiatrist!».

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