«What happened to the 1990s’ supermodel?»: Crawford’s scandalous photos came as a big disappointment

The fans were horrified to see Cindy Crawford in these photos! 😱😬 Photographers showed what age and years have done to the iconic 1990s’ supermodel! 😲😢

When one looks at this wrinkled and unattractive housewife, it is hard to believe that this is the same iconic supermodel from the 1990s. The legendary runway star is already 57 and her appearance has undergone a number of age-related changes.

Crawford has been among the celebrities who decided to embrace natural ageing unlike many other show business stars who ran for surgeries and beauty injections in pursuit of eternal beauty.

After the recent astonishing paparazzi photos, the fans of the outstanding supermodel rushed to advise her to visit a cosmetologist. To some of them, she looked even unrecognizable disappointing them with her noticeably aged look.

Her natural appearance became the topic of discussions making people think that no one’s beauty lasts forever. What concerns her style, the supermodel’s fashion choices still keep admiring the fashion critics.

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