«A new image?»: One of the iconic 2000s’ supermodels changed her hairstyle for the first time in 20 years

Camera lenses captured Naomi Campbell with a new haircut! 🧐😮The entirely new image of the legendary supermodel came as a big surprise for the fans! 😯🫢

The new image of one of the most successful stars in modeling let no one remain indifferent. Naomi Campbell radically changed her haircut for the first time in two decades and surprised the fans with her fresh look.

Photographers didn’t miss the chance of capture the former superstar and the photos immediately made a splash.

For the past 20 years she has been known with her perfectly straightened hair with a center part. That is why her decision to return her cascading haircut came as a big surprise for the fans of the outstanding runway star.

Campbell’s new haircut made her look even 20 years younger. It seemed as if the former model was back and ready to conquer the runway again.  Regardless of her age, her great contribution to show business can hardly be overestimated.

Each fashion choice of this legendary celebrity is viewed and thoroughly observed by a number of fashion critics.

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