«Sending prayers!»: This is how Celine Dion looks and lives being diagnosed with this terrible ailment

Here is what Stiff Person Syndrome has done to Celine Dion! 😱😢 The singer has changed beyond recognition! 🧐😲

For those who don’t know, this iconic singer has been diagnosed with this serious syndrome. Her great contribution and irreplaceable role in show business can hardly be overestimated.

When the doctors diagnosed her with this disease, she has long been trying to avoid the public eye. She has 13 siblings and they all are extremely concerned about their beloved sister’s health state. She now spends most of her time at home.

Though little is known about the singer now, her sister Claudette periodically shares details about the iconic performer. She can hardly find words to describe the unbearable pain she has to go through every single day.

The syndrome causes intense muscle spasms in many muscles. The poor singer was diagnosed with this ailment in December 2022. All this time she has been trying to cope with it with medicine, sports and therapies.

She has three heirs: Rene-Charles, Nelson and Eddy. What concerns her husband Rene Angelil, he, unfortunately, passed away.

It was in 2018 that they bought a five-acre plot of land and constructed a luxurious mansion. Meanwhile, the singer sold it and settled in Las Vegas so that her family could gather together more easily.

In 2023, she sold a property in Summerlin making a profit of 30 million dollars. She now lives in a 1.5-acre home with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, even three fireplaces. It also has a huge pool and a basketball court.

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