«Legs like matches, like a skeleton!»: After the new paparazzi photos, the fans started to worry about Theron

The fans were speechless when they saw Charlize Theron in these scandalous photos! 🫢🤐 The actress scared everyone with her unhealthy look! 😱😧

It seems as if Charlize Theron is one step away from anorexia. The unhealthy look and extreme thinness of the outstanding actress let no one remain indifferent. She has lost much weight and made the fans worry about her health.

The new paparazzi photos immediately made a splash on the network. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a loose T-shirt. The fans could find no words to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Previously, the popular actress weighed 60 kilos and had an appetizing body and lush forms. Currently, she weighs no more than 50 kilos and looks extremely unhealthy. The fans were horrified to see how the iconic actress has changed.

They couldn’t find words and started to worry about her health. Some advised her to gain weight, otherwise, as they claimed, she will need to see a doctor.

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