«It should be illegal to be so beautiful!»: After these photos of Deva Cassel, millions fell in love with her

Camera lenses captured rare footage of Bellucci’s daughter in a bikini! 🧐😲No one could take their eyes off this angelic beauty! 🫣😍

There is, perhaps, no one who hasn’t heard of Deva, the angelically beautiful heiress of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, who has already achieved tremendous success in modeling industry.

She has recently signed a contract with a famous clothing brand and it seems as if it is only the beginning of her drizzling career in the fashion world.

Photographers have recently caught the moment to capture the two cinema legends’ charming daughter in a tiny bikini. No single one could take their eyes off this angelic beauty. They also filmed her dressed in a delicate white dress.

The loyal fans of Deva could hardly take their eyes off her and were quick to shower their idol with lots of compliments.

«Bellucci can’t even stand next to her!», «She won this life and took the best from her beautiful mother!», «It should be illegal to look so beautiful!», «No wonder millions are madly in love with her».

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