Sue from «Crocodile Dundee» through years!: This is how years have changed Linda Kozlowski

All men had a crush on her in the 1980s! 💘🫠 This is what Linda Kozlowski looks like now! 🧐🤔The «Crocodile Dundee» star has changed a lot since then! 😲😬

There is probably no single one who doesn’t know her. This talented and outstanding actress has gained overall recognition after her legendary role in «Crocodile Dundee».

Her great contribution and irreplaceable role in the industry can hardly be overestimated. For those who don’t know, she was born in 1958 in Fairfield. Her growing passion for acting led her to enroll in a theater program.

After a number of minor roles, she gained a great chance to act in «Death of a Salesman» where she brilliantly starred with Dustin Hoffman.

Her big success was followed by some challenges. She started to work as a waitress after her role in «Death of a Salesman». However, his co-star Hoffman suggested her staying in their Malibu beach which opened new doors for her.

It was him who endowed her with a chance to act in «Crocodile Dundee» which brought her worldwide fame and recognition. The film was truly a success which, believe it or not, brought 320 million dollars on 10 million dollars budget.

What concerns her personal life, she married Paul Hogan. They married in 1990 and welcomed their son 8 years later. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2014.

After the divorce, her focus was shifted to Morocco where she met Moulay Hafid Baba which entirely changed her life. They together established the travel agency.  Currently, she is already 63 and kept her charm.

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