«Bigger hips, hanging belly and loss of charm!»: The scandalous photos of Longoria disappointed her fans

Camera lenses captured Eva Longoria when she thought no one was watching her! 😲😬The actress has gained much weight and let no one stay indifferent! 🫢🤯

Currently, this well-known and successful American actress is enjoying her time on vacation together with her husband and son. The fact that she has noticeably gained weight is undeniable and came as a big surprise for many of her loyal fans.

She was caught in a tight-fitting yellow bodysuit which emphasized the extra kilos she gained. The way her body has changed let no one stay indifferent. The recent scandalous photos quickly went viral becoming the subject of discussions.

Thousands rushed to criticize her considerably changed appearance claiming that she completely lost her charm and started to look super unattractive, while her loyal fans didn’t miss the chance to stand up for her.

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