«Bellucci’s first husband whom only few have seen»: This is what the first husband of Bellucci looked like

Not everyone knows that Monica Bellucci was married to another man before Vincent Cassel! 😮🧐 Here is Claudio Carlos who became her first husband!

Not everyone knows this man who became the first husband of this iconic Italian diva. Little is known about him, but this is what he looked like! Only few even knew that Cassel wasn’t Bellucci’s first husband.

Bellucci and Cassel were together for 18 years 14 years of which they were married. Since only few knew about her first husband, people got surprised every time she talked about how much she was grateful to both of her ex-husbands.

Claudia was a photographer in Milan. When Bellucci was about to build a career as a model so as to earn money for education, she went to an agency where her future husband worked then. They gradually fell in love with each other and got married.

Currently, he doesn’t work with models anymore and takes a great interest in nature. What is more, Belluci was dating actor Nicolai Farron during her marriage.

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