«Zero size and like a skeleton!»: The scandalous photos of Bella Hadid let no one remain indifferent

The fans were not ready to see Bella Hadid in a tiny bikini! 😧🫣People started to question the supermodel’s beauty after these photos! 😬🤐

A number of people hold the opinion that this model has all the parameters needed for the title «the most beautiful girl in the world». Despite her relatively young age, Bella Hadid is already an in-demand, desirable and enormously successful model.

Photographers have lately caught the celebrity in a tiny bikini. The scandalous photos instantly went viral and let neither fans nor haters stay indifferent. Many people started to question her beauty being quick to leave negative comments.

Her loyal fans and supporters didn’t miss the chance to shower their favorite star with lots of compliments. To them, she looked stunning.

«How is it even possible to look so hot?», «Nature created a masterpiece», «I have no words to express my delight and admiration», «Why do people find her beautiful and attractive?», «Sorry but she looks like a skeleton».

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