«Has she lied to us all this time?»: What Willis’s ex-wife looks like in a bikini came as a big surprise

The fans were horrified to see Demi Moore in these scandalous photos! 😧😲 No one expected that the actress looks like this in a bikini! 🧐😬

It is, of course, rather hard to believe that this Hollywood actress is 60 and already a granny. The fans of Demi Moore never cease to admire her timeless beauty, yet the new scandalous photos came as a big disappointment for them.

What she looked like in a tiny bikini literally left everyone speechless. Her loose and «orange peel» skin quickly became the topic of discussions. Some even had no words to express their disappointment.

Thousands rushed to comment on her appearance. Some claimed that her body left a lot to be desired.

«She looks like an ordinary granny here», «Has she lied to us all this time?», «As a 60-year-old granny, she looks fantastic!», «Envy silently! If ageing, then only in this way!».

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