«What happened to the ugliest girl?»: The girl whom people called the ugliest in the world shows herself 20 years later

The incredible story behind the ugliest girl in the world will leave everyone speechless! 😱🫢 This is what the girl to the birthday party of whom no one came looks like now! 🤔😳

There is probably no one who doesn’t know Lizzie. The absolutely unique girl was diagnosed with Wiedermann-Rauterstrauch syndrome and stood out among all her peers. She was born prematurely and had to face a lot of problems and obstacles.

The whole thing is that she was unable to put on weight. Believe it or not, she was supposed to eat every 10 minutes so as to survive. It is needless to say that Lizzie’s classmates missed no chance to judge and criticize her for her strange look.

She grew depressed and devastated and the fact that no single one came to her birthday party became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Many have been wondering what the unique girl looks like now.

To everyone’s great surprise, now she has around 100 000 subscribers who actively follow her on social media.

«The girl I will never stop admiring!», «How beautiful she is! I can’t!», «Beauty is what lies in the inside», «I will never understand people who call her the ugliest woman on Earth».

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