«Still with big cheeks and thick thighs!»: How Erçel appeared during her first role caused mixed reactions

The viewers were not ready to see Hande Erçel’s archive photos before popularity! 😳😬Only few know what she looked like during her first film role! 😦🤐

Hande Erçel’s participation in «You Knock on My Door» brought her overall fame and recognition. She became a well-known and successful actress not only due to her incredible talent, but also incredible charm and femininity.

Whereas only few have seen what the outstanding actress looked like at the beginning of her drizzling acting career. To say that she didn’t look like herself is nothing to say. She had extra weight and was judged and bullied by her peers.

She managed to lose no less than 20 kilos and transformed herself beyond recognition. Her appearance before can’t even be compared with her present look. Some even hardly recognized her in the rare archive photos.

Her unearthly beauty stole millions of male hearts and still continues attracting the entire world. She can easily be called ideal. Do you think so?

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